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Information Technology

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Part time

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Remote, Anywhere

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Immediate requirement for a contract/freelance on a one-off project contract lasting between 2 and 4 months with the possibility of further extension.

We thought of describing this as a requirement for a ‘full stack developer’ but it isn’t. We need someone who can write a quality web service and web application dashboard in C# ASP.NET MVC. Almost, but not quite, the full stack.

You will be writing a javascript library that works in any PC browser and can co-exist with libraries such as jQuery and Angular and that collects information (entirely with the user’s permission) from the browser and sends it back to the server for processing.

You will write the processing on the server to dispatch the posted information to other processes for additional processing.

You will write a dashboard for monitoring and configuring the server processes.

Sounds simple but there are some tricky problems to solve. Or maybe they are to us, but won’t be to you – in which case we definitely want to hear from you!

All the code you write will be open sourced.

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About Company

Company has two game-changing, code performance products no developer or dev team should ever be without:

Retrace enables developers to quickly find bugs and improve application performance on QA/test and production servers. Retrace provides developers with a solution specifically designed to give them the visibility, data, and actionable insights they want and need.  

Prefix isn’t a standard code profiler. It displays details per web request so you can understand what your code is doing and how long it takes (i.e. “what did my code just do?”).

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